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 Through Ayahuasca and Beyond

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Spiritual Development Process Work in Action

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Kambo and Spiritual Life Coaching

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Beyond the Ceremony has been created with the intention of supporting those drawn to plant Medicine (be it before the first ceremony or after the 100th) in keeping up the continuous spiritual development the Medicines offers in order to fulfill our higher purpose. 

Preparation for Ceremony
Taking inventory of safety eligibility, which stage a person is on their path, what needs to be a addressed, and what pitfalls to be aware of can help get the most out of ceremony. Proper preparation can make all the difference in getting what is needed from the Medicine.
Initial Aftercare Support (Post-Ceremony)
Aftercare is support within a week after ceremony from a person who understands, and has enough experience to help a participant through the initial return to what used to be normal. Having this setup before the ceremony can make the aftercare phase much more gentle and efficient.
Long-Term Integration
This is the period of months to years after the post-initial aftercare phase is complete. It’s really the other half of the work in order for the ceremony to “take” (arguably the most important) allowing us to acclimate to the new energetic shifts, and practice applying what we’ve learned in a society that holds little space for it. Integration is imperative, one of the main reasons Beyond the Ceremony was created. 
Entering a Spiritual Path
For those newly embarked on the spiritual path, getting your bearings (especially if drawn to plant medicine work) can be really helpful with people who “get it.” Beyond the Ceremony offers free resources in addition to coaching and programs to support your journey.
Accelerated Spiritual Development
Some of us have been on this journey for years and are lifers. It’s nice to have people to talk to who understand the gravity and depth of this work, at every level. Connect with your kindred spirits here and let’s support each other to have the most gentle yet expedited journey, together.
Higher Calling Life Purpose
For those of us on a spiritual development track to come into our true selves, with intention to step into our life purpose (changemaking, spiritual/social impact, evolution of collective consciousness) for the greater good, we got you. This is our world too, and we offer many resources to support you in getting to where you are drawn to. Because the world needs us, now. 
Distance Healing
One of the many gifts of Medicine work is that there is no space and time. The option to be called into live Ayahuasca ceremony and be worked on spiritually is real, and can be extremely supportive for those who cannot get to the Medicine, or just need a little ‘reactivation’.
Small Groups to the Peruvian Amazon

There are options to participate in small group setting in the Peruvian Amazon for those who are the right match. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list if you’re interested, and an application, health screening and interview would proceed from there. Very limited spaces. 

Apprenticeship Opportunities

There are potential opportunities for longer-term work in the Medicine in the upcoming year (oldschool in the Amazon) for a reasonable rate. There are many requirements for this (including a minimum of 10 Ayahuasca ceremonies, basic Spanish, can hang in the jungle, etc.) These are based on resonance match, and are extremely limited. Application, health screening and extensive interviews required. Mailing List to Keep Updated

Ayahuasca Articles

Can Ayahuasca Make You Go Crazy?

Is it possible to take plant medicine and end up in a worse state? That all depends on your perspective. Let’s be honest about the messy process of healing. READ MORE

Master Plant Diets Explained. You’re Going to Want to Do This.

Explore the mystical world of a traditional Master Plant Diet; how, when, and why they are used in the shamanic path. Learn about how healing, magical, and transformative a primary relationship with a powerful plant can be. READ MORE

Two Sides of the Training Coin: Spiritual Development and Shamanic Apprenticeship

The spiritual development/shamanic apprenticeship pace has been moving at a speed I’d only experienced while living in Peru in active Ayahuasca ceremony. But for a person who is in a life purpose apprenticeship, the training never stops. It takes twists and turns,...’s Ayahuasca Community Guide for the Awareness of Sexual Abuse

The World’s Best Practices for Integrating Ayahuasca – Kerry Moran, M.A., LPC (

Working with the Amazonian plant medicine ayahuasca presents enormous psycho-spiritual challenges. In my experience as a meditator and psychotherapist, no other process comes close to ayahuasca’s power to activate body, psyche, and spirit, releasing that which has...

Is the Blind Spot of Spiritual Arrogance Slowing Our Process?

I know - the scary, sensitive, defense-producing sound of the word arrogance (especially when it's aimed at us.) Add 'spiritual' in front of it, and many of us are defending the truth of who we are at all cost, down to the very core of our being. Except - we're not....

Ayahuasca Emotional Purging (After Ceremony and at Home)

One of the first things people think of when it comes to Ayahuasca ceremony is the purging: the best friend/worst enemy puke bucket, the toilet paper rolls for inevitable eye and nose faucets, the exact path to be taken to the bathroom if it gets really bad. The...

Ayahuasca Spiritual Development vs a Spiritual Experience in Ceremony – What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between Ayahuasca spiritual development and having a spiritual experience in ceremony? It’s very important, and makes all the difference as to what changes in your world.

If You’re Disappointed with an Ayahuasca Ceremony, Read This

The interwebs is teeming with miracle stories about how the psychotropic plant brew called Ayahuasca can heal and cure just about any ailment. I’ve been drinking this medicine and leading ceremonies for 13 years, and can attest to the validity of these dramatic and...

Ego Work: The Protector of our Deepest Fears 

The way I see it, the ego is there as a defender of our weak, vulnerable, fear spots. Not an enemy, actually an ally at times where it’s the only reason we survived. But after awhile, those belief systems become solid, and route thoughts through the maze of what the deeper, mis-aligned belief is. In order to get to the spaces that need healing, we need to move the protector walls out of the way (once we’re ready to feel the feelings underneath – which is all emotional purging really is.) Ego work lets us access the roots.

What Exactly is Ayahuasca Integration for the Spiritual Path? 

For the Ayahuasca spiritual path, without personal aftercare, acclimation and integration of our ceremonial experiences, a person can be left with newfound information they feel they can’t use, sometimes causing more internal strife now that they know what they’re missing.

Menstruation and Ayahuasca: Let’s Celebrate the Moon

Is it safe to drink Ayahuasca when you’re a woman on your moon cycle? Yes. And no. It’s complicated, just like periods are.

What’s it Like to Be an Ayahuasca Shaman?

The life of an Ayahuasca shaman is epically bizarre, horrifically challenging, and unequivocally badass.

The Economics of Ayahuasca: Should Healing be Free?

Do you get what you pay for with Ayahuasca ceremonies? Join the discussion on paying for healing and spiritual expansion.

Should You Drink Ayahuasca Alone?

No matter how experienced you are with psychedelics, drinking Ayahuasca solo is a reckless and dicey decision. This is why.

The Gift of Suffering: Why Ayahuasca Goes Dark

Ayahuasca isn’t dark, consciousness is, and she knows that our intimate understanding of those energies is the secret to our empowerment and bliss. If you want to know the secrets of the universe, it’s the darkness that knows.

How to Interpret Ayahuasca Visuals

Ayahuasca can put on one hell of a visual experience .  But what do we do with the visuals once the ceremony ends? This will help.

Helping Others Through a Dark Ayahuasca Ceremony

Helping someone through a dark Ayahuasca journey is like staring into the mirror of all your personal darkness and fears. It can be the most humbling and rewarding experience of both lifetimes. But it requires an almost in-human commitment to integrity.

Please Never Do Ayahuasca Without Asking These Questions First

Sitting in an Ayahuasca ceremony requires a tremendous amount of trust. Here are the questions to ask so you know you’re in good hands.

Ayahuasca Shamanism: An Apprentice’s Perspective

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost nine years since I first stepped foot into the Amazon jungle. It was like a dream that lasted for years; so hyper-real that it now seems almost like an illusion. I had no idea when I embarked on my personal journey that I would find myself and my spirit; and that my calling would lead across the globe, into the thickness of the South American jungle, and through the eyes of a sacred plant they locally call Ayahuasca.

Energetics of Personal Internal Ayahuasca Medicine

A deeper looking into the spirit of the Ayahuasca Medicine (including how that energy builds and melds with an individual’s spirit’s medicine) that results in love, healing and ability to share it with others.

Ayahuasca in Everyday Life: Applying the Medicine Wisdom 

Imagine (home after Ayahuasca ceremony) – running strong and clear on Life Purpose, and exactly what steps to take. You know consciously that you may walk back into a cloud of naysayers and fear-based doubters. You swear you will hold to your integrity and truth. You get back strong. Start to tell people your idea, timidly at first. Some respond well, some don’t. Time passes. I’ll just shelf this idea for awhile until I get settled. Now you’re settled. Once this happens, or that. Your dream has officially been swallowed by the Matrix. Where’s the wisdom of Ayahuasca in everyday life?

Accelerated Spiritual Developement

Accelerated Spiritual Development Language and Concept Toolkit

Those of us who work in plant medicine often have a focus on spiritual development. But what does that mean exactly? Even for those who don't work in Ceremony or apprenticeship, the process is the same (just accelerated by intent, other modalities and plant work.)...

Healing Core Beliefs (and new techniques we’re learning!)

Alright - here's my energetic nerd-out. I'm going into detail about the actual spiritual development techniques we're using along the way here (many are new to me - coming in on direct intuitive and higher self feeds). So this is long, but if you're into this work, I...

Two Sides of the Training Coin: Spiritual Development and Shamanic Apprenticeship

The spiritual development/shamanic apprenticeship pace has been moving at a speed I’d only experienced while living in Peru in active Ayahuasca ceremony. But for a person who is in a life purpose apprenticeship, the training never stops. It takes twists and turns,...

Crumbling Massive Structures: Co-Dependence and Femininity

Man, sometimes it's hard to fathom how these processes work. But they do. If you want the background as to how the Universe set this space up, click HERE. My Judgements on "Femininity" So the pieces that I had gotten so far in this round of processing had to do with...

Is the Blind Spot of Spiritual Arrogance Slowing Our Process?

I know - the scary, sensitive, defense-producing sound of the word arrogance (especially when it's aimed at us.) Add 'spiritual' in front of it, and many of us are defending the truth of who we are at all cost, down to the very core of our being. Except - we're not....

Ayahuasca Emotional Purging (After Ceremony and at Home)

One of the first things people think of when it comes to Ayahuasca ceremony is the purging: the best friend/worst enemy puke bucket, the toilet paper rolls for inevitable eye and nose faucets, the exact path to be taken to the bathroom if it gets really bad. The...

Meghan’s Ayahuasca Apprenticeship

Coca Leaf Reading by Shaman in Peru (Andes)

He gently tossed handfuls of coca leaves on the table and began speaking, interpreting what he saw for me between the lines of the design in which they fell. Little did I know his prophecy would come true…

First Journey to Peru (and Ayahuasca Shamanic Apprenticeship?)

What I didn’t know was that my view on shamanism was about to broaden quite a bit, as I headed north into the world of the jungle, and Amazonian Ayahuasca Shamanism.

First Ayahuasca Ceremony: The Holy Shit Hour

Story of my very first Ayahuasca ceremony (after swearing I would never do it again) leading into a several year shamanic apprenticeship in an Amazon jungle village in Peru

Ayahuasca Ceremony #6: The Shamans’ Village in the Peruvian Amazon

We are about to partake in Ayahuasca ceremonies with indigenous shamans, on the native land where the plants grow in the Amazon. My heart lit up in intrigued excitement as to the rarity of the experience. You couldn’t force this shit to happen if you tried. After getting situated in our freighter-boat cabins, we got ready for a 12-hour ride along the Amazon river. It was late afternoon, and the sun was bright in the sky.

Post-Ayahuasca Crash (No Magic Pills)

I felt so connected to my true self after working in Ayahuasca ceremony. Like nothing could touch me – I’d seen myself and my truth and everything else would just – align. I didn’t expect a post-Ayahuasca crash. What I was not prepared for was my grand entrance back into society. I was fine for awhile…it was a gradual demise.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #7-11: First Emotional Purge

Emotionally purging? Yeah that felt about right, considering I felt completely out of control. I followed him to the ceremony house, where he led me to a hammock and prepared for my ventiada (which is basically a channeled Medicine healing through Icaros – Medicine communication songs – directly to one person.)

Falling Fast Towards Ayahuasca Shamanic Apprenticeship and Love

For the first few days, it was magical. He took me everywhere. To the butterfly farm, to Quistococha (the beach/zoo place), out on a little boat around Belen. We had fish on the bone at a cool restaurant overlooking the water in Nanay. We even went dancing at the discoteque!

Formally Begin Ayahuasca Shamanic Apprenticeship in Peruvian Amazon Village

We got back to the village, my first time in over six months, and I felt different. I felt like an actual Ayahuasca shamanic apprentice. Plus, I was now unofficially seeing Luco. That brought up a whole slew of other emotions and self-judgements as I worried what the people in the village thought of me.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #12: Jealousy Builds 

Real-world triggers catalyze the pent up jealousy in my body, preparing it for a massive emotional purge…

Ayahuasca Ceremony #13: Jealousy Purge

What finally happened when I was able to face the energy of jealousy within myself during an Ayahuasca ceremony (which had taken form after all the years of build…)

Ayahuasca Ceremony #14-19/ Plant Diet #1: The Reality of Village Life Sets In

I would catch little comments here and there about Luco, and even hidden laughter as they all invited extended family and friends to partake in the “free” daily lunches that Luco was paying for out of his own pocket (yet wasn’t physically there to participate in.)

Ayahuasca Ceremony #20: Village Gossip Brews a Storm 

The torrential winds of gossip blew as the energy in the village become more and more tense. I started hearing rumors from people who worked at the original program that we were being talked about in ceremony, even speculation that we were having dark forces sent our way. The energy when we walked by the Elder’s house became a chore to trudge through. It was getting to the point that I had mixed feelings even having ceremonies there.

Searching for the Truth 

I felt the extremes of this decision weighing heavily on me: if he was bad and I was being played, and blindly pursue this work with a shaman who is not in integrity (or possibly worse) I’d be bringing people to a “false prophet” or even spiritual danger (I was hearing this, and still not knowing if I believed that was possible or not). The other choice would be to play it safe and walk away from everything, and if he was as light as I want to believe, potentially taking away the ability for people to truly and deeply save themselves from the dark forces running their lives.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #35: Apprenticeship Rite of Passage Initiation

I asked again, and he continued to avoid the question. The longer I was in the room, the heavier the energy was beginning to feel. The conversation kept going around in circles, with a dark, looming energy coming out of his mouth. It was strong enough that I called in spiritual light protection so that it didn’t get inside of me. I couldn’t tell what it was…subconscious negative intentions?

Hindsight from the Future (2012)

Reading over that story in hindsight (years after I wrote it) made me laugh out loud at parts. It was so insanely intense at the time – maybe the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But now, after four years of Medicine and experience, it blows my mind some of the things I believed. Like the shamans were above getting swept up in gossip. And my emotional purges with the jealousy! My God – and I wasn’t exaggerating either. Seriously, get a grip!

Reaching New Levels of Understanding/ Transcending My Teachers

Moving through the levels of spirit work in Ayahuasca Shamanic Apprenticeship…

Ayahuasca Ceremony #100: What is Ayahuasca Really? (Updated) 

So what is Ayahuasca? It is one of the keys to the doorway to the real reality. For people who want to walk the integrated balance between the physical and the spiritual worlds, enjoying and appreciating who they truly are, without judgment, without fear. For those of us who want to experience life’s full gamut, and are ready, willing, and able to accept the challenge. We know who we are.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #180-184: Purging the Western Consciousness 

I didn’t even know you could actually purge layers of the crap in the Western Consciousness out of an individual body. It was all fear. Fear manifested in the form of feeling abandoned, or rejected, or separated in any form. Which causes the ego to build defenses to protect, since there is a perceived void in the foundational structure.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #185/ Plant Diet #5: The Hardest Ayahuasca Purge So Far… 

Purging the initial fear when I first started: scary as shit. Purging the years of drug use: like the worst “bad trip” ever. Purging layers of ego: took every ounce of humility I could muster to move an inch at a time. But purging the fear-based consciousness out of my heart…that was a whole other thing.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #190: Breaking Through Insecurity 

Could I really do this? Apprenticeship? Did I really have it in me? I was near a danger zone of falling into the abyss of caving to the insecurity and the exhaustion of feeling it. Long after the rhythm of the ceremony had settled down to smooth ocean waves, I all of a sudden wanted to hear my own Icaros. “Why? They don’t even work” my insecure voice said in my head. I dominated it with my true spirit’s voice and knew it was an okay time energetically to contribute. So I began.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #191/Uchu Sanango Diet #2: Know When it’s Time to Walk

I ended up completing the last few days of the diet alone at the house in the village. I needed to be away from other people, so I could clear my head. By the time the diet was complete and everyone came back, I knew why I needed to leave.

The “Spiritual Warrior” Concept: Oxymoron Feeding Dualism, or the Nature of Life? 

To try to jump levels would be to oppress real things in our consciousness that are there (causing toxic, out of control buildups and explosions), and meant to be understood at this level, so that we can learn to manage them fully informed, and continue to rise to the next one. To pretend something is not in our consciousness and hide from it causes much more chaos than actually looking at it through conscious eyes. So what about the Spiritual Warrior?

The Call to Help vs. the Human Ego

Is it also possible, that the Universe is so vast, that to even try to understand something like that through a human ego mind is almost laughable? Probably, yet the seeking is part of the experience. So we ask, and we mull. Could it be that something absolutely could be true in my world, because I chose it, and something seemingly opposite be true in someone else’s?

Ayahuasca Ceremony #197: Observing Ayahuasca Apprenticeship Pitfalls 

Ayahuasca Apprenticeship is tricky. It can be exhausting and extremely confusing. Learning when to stand strong and when to be a puddle on the floor is imperative. All of these things are learned in time, if you keep focus on the intention. But we really cannot do it alone. When resentment bubbles build in the body, they become toxic until they explode. We must communicate, to avoid these Ayahuasca apprenticeship pitfalls.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #203: Shedding the Serpent’s Skin

Moving through the levels of my Ayahuasca shamanic apprenticeship in the Peruvian Amazon

Ayahuasca Ceremony #211/ Plant Diet #6 with Crystals: Belief Systems Popping Loose like Weak Rubberbands 

The evolving truth, as I see it at the moment, is that there cannot be a ‘static set of goals’, whether self or group created. Because things are always in motion. For one person trapped in a fear-based belief system, breaking free and drinking a soda may allow them the liberation energetically that unentraps them. For another, the discipline in breaking free of the habitual 10 cokes a day may be their peace. It’s all about balance, to get back to the middle no matter which side of the spectrum you are on.

Gossip Sucks

No one claims to like or be a part of, and is most of the time considered a very superficial, annoying part of life. I have come to understand how dark, sneaky, and serious this little energy can be.

Holier Than Thou Pushes Anger to the Edge

I know it’s all in Order, I know it’s all a gift (and I’m not just “positive thinking” that, it’s really true, I can already see the personal benefits). However, the anger was still sitting in there, like a piece of hard feces yearning for a colonic. It was easy, and now I feel a lot better. Done completely, probably not. But at least I feel back to myself again, after a couple weeks of feeling ‘off’, and a bit depressed even (what is the saying, depression is just repressed anger?)

Overcoming the Money Block • Meghan Shannon Elder

The Life Purposes almost always involve helping others in some way, shape or form. For some, it is working for a cause, domestic or international. For others, it’s spreading abundance to people who may be seeking it. For many, it’s a form of art, music, dance – things that strike imperative chords to keep us going along the often turbulent path. Or simply to do one’s best to bring a positive child into the world, so they can live out theirs. Whatever it may be, a stupid money block is not worth fucking around with a big picture like this.

Riding the Tide into Heart Wounds

I’ve gotten better at not judging the catalyst, or the feelings coming up inside. Sometimes my ego wants to deem them really superficial, assuming that they must be some dumb shit I should have been done with a long time ago. But I really don’t think that’s they way it works. The outer catalyst that rings the trigger chord can be anything, but that chord may very well resonate all the way down to the core of the heart wound.

Another Wave – SOOO Done with Annoying Defense Mechanisms! 

So here goes nothing – getting the shit out so I can live freely as I want. Whether it’s this guy or not, someone (in addition to myself) is going to be quite happy I’m too much of a stubborn ass to settle for being any less happy than absolutely possible, so much to the point I’m willing to dive into the flames and assume I’ll figure out how to get through to the other side.

Large-Scale Heart Purge/ Relationship Training 

So I began exploring the “fight or flight” defense mechanism around relationships (or anything for that matter.) That knee jerk would not be there if I didn’t have a weak spot underneath that needed defending. If I were 100% secure and free to love, why would the mechanism be needed? There would be no trigger. So here is where I bump up against society’s collective one – so how do you do this without being a total pushover?

Ayahuasca Ceremony #216/ Plant Diet #7 with Crystals: Substances 

Part of releasing this core self-doubt involves learning to manage its defense mechanism: control. Trying to force someone to like me. Trying to force myself into being someone else to make them like me. The last “blanket” of crap, muting my true colors. Including substances – like food and cigarettes.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #221/ Plant Diet #8: Cement Layers of US Consciousness Cracking 

But longing is not honoring the love at all. It is honoring the fear. It is a way of distracting. It is a way from avoiding feeling the feelings I may have actually been feeling underneath, which for me, would be a self-fulfilling prophecy of the self-doubt that says…’see, you really aren’t good enough’.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #225/ Plant Diet #8: Do What it Takes 

The question is, am I in service or not? Am I willing to do what it takes to be in spiritual service? I feel like it’s “selling in” (vs. “selling out”) – like a Peruvian mother who sacrifices time with her children to work in the US and send them money – that’s what I feel like I’m doing for a little while. Funding Life Purpose.

Rebelling Against Myself

..but it kind of fizzled down as that purge seems to be coming to completion. I’m developing the freedom to choose, intead of subconsiously rebelling against myself. It all came to a head last weekend. Sometimes it’s not an obvious trigger.

Six-Month Collective Consciousness Purge Completion: A Humble Wow

The belief system is actively shifting underneath me, even as I write I can feel it’s thick, slow movement. But clearing out this collective consciousness purge in order to actually see it gave me the ability to shine light on it, soften it up, strengthen the muscles of the new, aligned belief system and watch that big huge building crumble.

The Layer Above My Soul: New Relationship, Old Triggers

The old relationship triggers are still ready to fight. Early on I developed the “fantasy” defense, the “white picket fence, over the top romantic, save-me-from-myself” kind of deal. She personified as a combination of domesticated June Cleaver/Suzy Housewife and “cool girlfriend” (trying to be “low maintenance” and sacrificing my boundaries and self-respect by being “cool” about cheating, etc.) But my true self knew that was bullshit.

Ayahuasca Ceremony #230: Time to Fly (Releasing Fear of Failure)

This fear of failure, it actually sounded like depths of some of the more fear-based aspects of religion passed on through the roots of our generations, still deeply seeped in the collective consciousness. The concept of not being inherently valuable…I have to do something to create worth. Could it not be possible (says my Higher Self) that your essence, your spirit, is the value?

Pregnancy Week 6: The New Level is Arriving

The Ayahuasca Medicine told me I was ready for the next level. I wasn’t expecting it to be in the form of parenthood!

Ayahuasca Ceremony #236/ Pregnancy Week 24: A Gift from Mother to Mother 

You want to know how to be a mother? Teach this child to love without fear, by example.” It strikes me this is exactly what the Medicine does – loving unconditionally as we release our darkness into her open arms. “All is in Divine Order. The second you lay eyes on that child, any doubts you have in regards to that will completely disappear.” “For real for real?” I ask. “For real for real.”

Where Has Meghan Been?

Part of me wishes I could’ve kept up with it during this massive five year process, part of me knows that I just couldn’t. Sometimes you have to experience something in it’s entirety, without commentary about it (especially before the 20/20 hindsight kicks in!)

Sexual Energy Lockdown and Body Image Constructs

Meghan discovers her trapped sexual feelings towards Zach on lockdown - leading down the rabbit hole to body image constructs needing attention... READ MORE

New Type of Earth Relationship? Cups Runneth Over…

Meghan releases a huge amount of jealousy in order to reveal her truth underneath of what unconditional love and connection really looks like, no matter what earth bodies we may inhabit…


I Dont Owe You My Body: Two Old Structures Collide

Meghan inadvertently purges a neediness regarding affection all over Zach, playing out an old pattern. This in turn, provokes an old one in his about his gayness once again getting in the way of connecting. Do they make it through healing the clash of such deep-rooted, painful structures?


New Type of Earth Relationship? Cups Runneth Over…

Meghan releases a huge amount of jealousy in order to reveal her truth underneath of what unconditional love and connection really looks like, no matter what earth bodies we may inhabit…


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Meghan Shannon Elder

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Sarah Alviar

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