Hey beautiful friends! So great to meet all our kindred spirits working towards the same goal – to come into true self and life purpose for the greater good. We focus on preparation, aftercare, integration and spiritual development through Ayahuasca and other sacred plant medicines.

Please use this comment section if you have questions regarding Ayahuasca or accelerated spiritual development, higher calling, etc or want to start a discussion. The Beyond the Ceremony team will be happy to offer you our humble views on this ever-evolving world.

We bring our blogs together here, and each post links back to our respective sites (in a new window). If you’d like to read Kat’s, click HERE for The Afterlife Coach Blog.

For Meghan’s Ayahuasca Apprenticeship Journals (beginning in 2007) in chronological order, click HERE for Coca Leaf Reading by Shaman in Peru and you’ll be able to link forward at the bottom of each page from there on out.

Big love friends! Let’s do this together! The world is waiting.