Spiritual Development Small Group Retreats in the Amazon


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Spiritual Development Small Group Retreats are for those already on the spiritual path (doing the work) and ready to take it to the next level, whatever that may mean (break through a barrier, purge something, release belief systems, etc.) 

Because of this, we keep the groups small and invite participants who are already utilizing a similar approach to their personal spiritual path. 

Retreats are ten days, and include five ceremonies (optional shamanic diet), and are located near the village of Jenaro Herrera in the Peruvian Amazon. 

The shaman is Eloy (“Luco”) Navarro, who has been working with Meghan since they ran the Infinite Light center in 2007, and has over 30 years of Medicine experience. He’s very much of the mindset that the work is between you and the Medicine (he’ll never claim the “Maestro” title) and he wants you to do your own work (of course he’ll be there to support you if you need it.) 

The Lead Apprentices have both had extensive ceremony experience (between 100-250) and are very experienced with spiritual process work. All of the approach that your intuition and spirit is where the answers lie – process work should help get back to your own communcation with that aspect of yourself, resonating intuitively as such. We will never tell you what is right or wrong for your own integrity and path. 

The site is a four-acre plot in a pretty benign (and beautiful) part of the Amazon rainforest, with a ceremony house, small staff house, and larger house to hold 10 people (five double rooms.) We max at 10 guess excluding staff and apprentices. 

We don’t run groups on a set schedule yet, but keep an eye out as we will open up potiential apprenticeship opportunities in the future. 

All groups include one preparation session with Meghan before the group, as well as one after. These are required, and included in the cost. All guests will be given a discount code to be used en perpetuity on any integration or spiritual development process work as long as Meghan is offering it. 

Total group cost is $1500. Includes fast boat ride out to the village, breakfast and lunch on the property (we fast dinner on ceremony nights, and we’ll either have a dinner option or potentially go into town- you’re on your own for that – costs like $3). Includes the plants, shaman and apprentices time and experience, as well as spiritual development process work as needed during the daytime. Does not include travel expenses or anything else in Iquitos.

The application is long and thorough for a reason. Not only do we want to ensure the physical, emotional and psychological safety of all guests, we also want to make sure there is a clear resonance on our spiritual development approach. If an application is accepted, the next step would be an interview to check the energetic resonance. 

Luco’s wife Lily is a nurse, so we will have basic first aid available, as well as a small clinic in the village. We have access to speed boats in case of emergency (there is a larger city about an 1.5 hours away by boat.) There is a cell tower that will work on most phone plans (Meghan’s T-Mobile works on her Iphone – but it’s expensive.) Texts work, as well as Facebook Audio (free and works enough.) Email on phone will come through enough to not be totally disconnected from your kids, but take forever to download so you won’t be inclined to sit around and scroll Facebook. 

If you’re new to the Medicine, read through these articles, What is Ayahuasca Really and Ayahuasca Shamanism: An Apprentice’s Perspective, and feel them out. Here is another article referring to some of the spiritual development language we use as well (Accelerated Spiritual Development Language Concepts and Toolkit). 

If you have further questions, you can use Meghan’s scheduler for her coaching team site, Beyond the Whirlwind. 

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