Tina “Kat”


Study and Training

  • Studied with multiple consciousness experts, including Tim FrekeRichard Moss, and Adyashanti
  • Graduate of Master Herbalist Julie McIntyre’s Earth Medicine Apprenticeship (partner to plant expert and author Stephen Buhner), with extensive skills in using plant consciousness as a means of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Also an herbalist and plant communicator.
  • Reiki Master for more than 5 years, and trained in other esoteric energy healing modalities

Specialties: Afterlife and Shadow Work

Primary Plants: Ayahuasca, San Pedro

  • Ayahuasca and San Pedro
  • 13 Years Experience in Shipibo-Conibo Tradition
  • Aftercare Expert
  • Shadow Worker

Other Specialties

  • Evolutionary Astrologist; studied the discipline for 28 years and adore doing charts for clients. Tina has also been reading Tarot for 3 decades
    • Taught classes on awareness expansion, shamanic healing techniques, and plant consciousness
    • Hostess and facilitator of roughly a gazillion (give or take a gaggle) of spiritual events in the Las Vegas area, through the Awareness and Consciousness Group of Southern Nevada

1100+ Shamanic Ceremonies

between Ayahuasca and Huachuma / San Pedro and a handful of others (DMT, Kambo, etc.)

Trained for 11 years as an apprentice with maestros in both the Amazonian jungle and the U.S., and led/ assisted in ceremonies on a weekly basis in Costa Rica.


Between Ayahuasca and Huachuma/San Pedro, Kambo and a handful of others, Kat has over 1100 ceremonies under her belt, training for 11 years as an apprentice under maestros in both the Amazonian jungle and US, as well as leading/assisting on a weekly basis in Costa Rica.

She has spent five years helping hundreds integrate transformational experiences, reconnecting with soul and deepening self-love.

Kat has also taught classes on awareness expansion, shamanic healing techniques, and plant consciousness…

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