Beyond The Ceremony Five Distance Healing Ceremonies Five Ayahuasca Distance Healing Sessions from a Peruvian shaman in the Amazon

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Five Distance Healing Ceremonies

Five Distance Healing Ceremonies
Five Distance Healing Ceremonies

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Five Distance Healing Ceremonies

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Five Ayahuasca Distance Healing Sessions from a Peruvian shaman in the Amazon
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Not everyone can get to Peru, nor is everyone the right match to work in physical ceremony. Those previously in ceremony can often use a reboot or reactivation for the Medicine already inside their body as well. Regardless, we hope to support you with whatever you need.

Distance Healing through physical Ayahuasca ceremony won’t be able to pull deep purges from the body the same way drinking the Medicine can, but it can release trapped energies, dissolve walls or blocks, or simply allow clearer access to information to navigate your process more easily. It can also yield a new flow - all of a sudden things start moving in a new, more fluid way, aligning your body’s energy with the right people, informations and opportunities to further your growth. It moves as much as can be moved, given the circumstances of your physical body, mind, and situation.

The distance healing process happens over the course of five physical ceremonies the shaman runs in the Peruvian Amazon. Each night, he’ll bring your spirit into the Medicine and spend time focusing specifically on your spirit and body’s energy, releasing as much as he can energetically from there. Since the ceremonies happen in a more natural, Amazon pace out there, we won’t always be able to let you know ahead of time which days they will happen. However, we will definitely check in with you once they are complete, and again about two weeks after in order to make sure you’ve seen some movement. If no movement has happened within that two week timeframe, we’ll call you in for a second round free of charge.

Whether a person experiences the healing ceremonies physically really depends on the individual. If a person is attuned to working with energies, and happen to be in an environment where they’re not under a lot of stress while the ceremony is taking place, they may feel an palpable energy rising in their body (those who’ve worked with the Medicine before may recognize this more easily.) This commonly feels like a buzzing or vibration welling up in the body. Others may simply start thinking about the Medicine, or smell /sense something that brings their awareness to it. Some don’t feel anything at all, which is unrelated to the actual healing taking place.

The healing generally is accepted fully into the body in the dreamstate, when the active mind is off duty and not in the way. This can sometimes affect dreams in several ways. Vivid colors or intense emotions are common. Sometimes wisdom and clarity is received, other times a person can purge emotionally and wake up having intense feelings (and occasionally nightmares - purging fear.) If you wake up after having an intense emotional purge, immediately take a shower upon awakening to rinse the residual energies off the body. Keeping a journal next to the bed (and setting the intention to remember important aspects of dreams) can be very supportive. Also clear crystals next to the bed can help with amplification as well (not required.)

We will use your full name, basic reason for seeking healing (as little or as much as you’d like to share, but enough for the shaman to know what he’s looking for), and your permission and intention to receive the healing. Take a moment to align your body (through intent) to Eluco (the shaman) through Meghan (the middle-person) and tell your body to be open to receiving. Setting the intention before bed each night to fully receive and absorb the healing in a way you can clearly understand can support this process. Even though there are five ceremonies, the process can work continuously even on ‘off’ nights.

We will check in with you once we’ve gotten you scheduled, again once the five ceremonies are complete, and again a couple weeks later to follow-up. If you do not feel you have been able to receive the healing by the follow-up date, again we will call you in for another round free of charge and do our best to support you. Scheduling a spiritual counseling call with Meghan can also be an option to add depth to the healing (on the house).

Thanks again from our Medicine family. We hope to be of utmost support along your journey to aligning with your true self and spirit. So much love to you.

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