Alright – here’s my energetic nerd-out. I’m going into detail about the actual spiritual development techniques we’re using along the way here (many are new to me – coming in on direct intuitive and higher self feeds). So this is long, but if you’re into this work, I wanted you to be able to play with some of this at home. Always set intent for highest good of all, and allow the space to be protected by natural defenses and the Medicine. I often call Jesus and archangels in the clutch too, as well as protector plants and animals. But don’t do it from a place of fear – it’s for what “space holding” really entails.¬†

If you’re new to this latest iteration of this unconditional love, spiritual partnering process with Zach and I, click HERE for the back story… Know that he reads all blogs before I post, giving full permission to share, as he knows that this work is not just for the two of us.

Consequences for Expressing Who You Are

Since the last attempt at trying to break through the walls filtering spiritual intimacy (and creating a few cracks, while realizing how strong our defenses were when it came to actually connecting at that level of vulnerability) so much has moved. Every day or two it comes into clarity what was being primed, loosened, and open enough to get down into the depths of our personal basements (where the defenses hide the pain and fear).