Those of us who work in plant medicine often have a focus on spiritual development. But what does that mean exactly? Even for those who don’t work in Ceremony or apprenticeship, the process is the same (just accelerated by intent, other modalities and plant work.) Understanding these concepts on a deeper level can take meditating on a mountain to digging through the mess until we reach the depths of the soul.

Topics Include:

  • The General Premise of Spiritual Development Work
  • Areas of Misalignment from our Natural State
  • The Roots of Turmoil (Inner Children in Need of Attention, Swallowed or Trapped Emotions)
  • The Ego Defense System (Active Defense Shields, Common Ego Tendencies and Archetypes, Individual Belief Systems and Energetic Structures, Dynamic Structures and Patterns, Collective Belief Systems)
  • Our Natural State (Pure Spirit/God, The Universe, Our Spiritual Thumbprint)
  • Channels of Receiving Information (Higher Self, Intuition, Empathic Nature, The “Clairs”, Flow, Synchronicity, Themes)
  • Getting Across the Bridge (Intention, Free Will Planet)
  • Natural Purging Process (Emotional Purging, Catalyst/Ego Triggers, Strengthening Inside-Out)
  • Settling into the Journey, The Loving Approach, Framing, Big Picture Stretch, Tectonic Plate Shift, Barometer Checks